About Hans Goller

Born 1942 in South Tyrol

Study of philosophy, Jesuit School of Philsophy in Pullach near München (Lic.phil. 1970); Study of psychology at Saint Louis University, Missouri (USA) and Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio (USA) [M.A (Master in Clinical Psychology) 1973]; doctorate in psychology (University of Innsbruck 1978); study of theology (Mag. theol. 1982, University of Innsbruck).

Psychotherapical education: behavioral therapy (ÖGVT Austrian Society for Promotion of Behaviorism, Behavioral Modification and Therapy, 1976-1980); client-centered therapy (ÖGWG Austrian Society for  scientific client-centered therapy 1979-1983).

Teaching: psychological and philosophical anthropology at Munich School of Philosophy (1982-2000). Prinicipal of Munich School of Philosophy (1994-1999). Since 2000 full university professor at Department of Christian Philosophy in Innsbruck.

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