em. o.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Bernhard Kräutler

Institute of Organic Chemistry &
Center of Molecular Biosciences (CMBI)

University of Innsbruck
Innrain 80/82
6020 Innsbruck, Austria

tel: +43-676-872552000
fax: +43-512-507-57799
e-mail: bernhard.kraeutler@uibk.ac.at


curriculum vitae (pdf)                                              list of publications (pdf)       


Our main research interests concern the ‘Pigments of Life’, among them chlorophyll and vitamin B12: their discovery, their chemical and biological synthesis, their biologically important structure and chemical reactivity, as well as their biological functions, based on which, applications in the life sciences and in medicine are investigated. 


The Kräutler group is a founding member of the ‘Center for Molecular Biosciences Innsbruck’ (CMBI). 

 Key Lectures

Exploring the Chemistry of Vitamin B12 Biology b12
Eschenmoser Lecture 2023
Laboratory of Organic Chemistry ETH Zürich, Switzerland,
Mai 8th, 2023
Eschenmoser Lecture 2023

The Magic of Cobalt and Corrin
Keynote lecture
Tetrapyrrole Discussion Group Meeting,
University of Kent, Canterbury, April 26th, 2023

The Switchings of B12

Gordon Research Conference on Vitamin B12 and Corphins
Queen's College, Oxford, UK, September 18th 2005

Taming the Tiger - A Tale of the Pigments of Life
Plenary Lecture
International Conference on Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines, New Orleans, USA, Juli 15th 2004 

B12 - an Organometallic Chameleon
Gordon Research Conference on Cobalamins,
Colby College, Waterville, USA, Juli 10th 2003 

The Pigments of Life
7th Schrödinger Lecture
Trinity College, Dublin; Ireland; Oktober 27th 2001 




Chlorophyll Breakdown - A Global Biological Phenomenon as
a Molecular Paleobotanical Looking-Glass

bananasOrganisch/Biologisch-Chemisches Kolloquium
TU Berlin Dec, 7th, 2023

Novel chemistry of chlorophyll breakdown in vacular plants
Plenary lecture 
Intl. Conf. Tetrapyrroles, Photosynthesis and Photosynthetic Organisms (ICTPPO), 
Shizuoka, Japan, Sept 20th, 2023

Phyllochromobilins – ubiquitous natural photoswitches in higher plants
Gordon Research Conference on Photosensory Receptors & Signal Transduction,
Lucca, Italy, March 5th , 2018

News on Phyllobilins - The Bilin-Type Chlorophyll Catabolites

Gordon Research Conference - Chemistry and Biology of Tetrapyrroles, 
Salve Regina University, Newport, RI, July 21st, 2014 

The Yin-Yang of Chlorophyll
Plenary Lecture
International Conference on Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines, Jeju-Island, Korea, July 4th, 2012 

News on an Old Puzzle - Chlorophyll Breakdown in Leaves and Fruit
Eli Lilly Lecture
Recent Advances in Synthesis and Chemical Biology IX, Dublin, December 10th 2010

Blue Blushes of Bananas - Revelations of Overlooked Natural Tetrapyrroles
GE Healthcare / Royal Soc. of Chem. Lecture, Cardiff University, UK, September 28th 2009 

Vom Verschwinden des Chlorophylls
Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher Lepoldina, Halle/Saale, Germany, April 28th 2009 

Zur Herbstverfärbung - Wie die Natur das Grün aus den Blättern holt
11. Österreichische Chemietage, Leoben, September 19th 2005 



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