European Conference on Trapped Ions

September 10-14, 2012

Obergurgl, Austria

The second European Conference on Trapped Ions will be held in the alpine village of Obergurgl, Austria, at a conference center run by the University of Innsbruck.  In this picturesque setting, we look forward to a stimulating week of presentations and discussions on current themes in ion-trap research.  Conference themes
include precision measurements and fundamental physics, frequency standards, quantum optics, quantum information, trap technology, spectroscopic techniques, and molecular ions and chemical reactions.  

Participants photo - small

Full-size conference photo available here.

Photos of the hike are available here.

Local organizing committee:

  • R. Blatt
  • C. Roos
  • M. Hennrich
  • T. Northup
  • M. Brownnutt
  • M. Chwalla
  • R. Wester
  • T. Monz
Program committee:  
  • K. Blaum
  • M. Drewsen
  • P. Gill
  • M. Knoop
  • J. Kluge
  • R. Ozeri
  • E. Peik
  • A. Retzker


  • C. Roos
  • F. Schmidt-Kaler
  • D. Segal
  • E. Solano
  • A. Steane
  • G. Werth
  • S. Willitsch

Obergurgl village


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