Master Students at Michael Popp Institute




Titel of Thesis

 Melanie Kraker

Regulation of phospholipid composition and glutathione levels by cPLA and GCLC with implications for ferroptosis sensitivity in triple-negative breast cancer cells

Katharina Hille

Biogenic agents that modulate endogenous redox systems:  Anti-ferroptotic activities and mechanisms of action"

Vera Müller

Identification of cytotoxic small molecules that inhibit aquired chemotherapy-resistance in osteosarcoma


successfully completed

Titel of Thesis

Veronika Sotsas

Communication between the immune microenvironment and ferroptotic cancer cells

Virginia Guarda

Identification of vitamin E-inspired dual mPGES-1 and 5-lipoxygenase inhibitors and characterization of their impact on the lipid mediator profile of innate immune cells

Claudia Kostner

Vitamin E derivates and curcuminoids: Structure-activity relationship and molecular mode of action of the anti-ferroptotic activity

Lena Hofmann

Meroterpenoids and biflavonoids: Structure-activity relationship and molecular mode of action of the anti-ferroptotic activity

Katharina Mitteregger

Stable expression of GFP in MDA-MB-231 cells

Stefanie Jarmer

Identification of novel ferroptosis-modulating small molecules and their mode of action

Julia Berger

Elucidation of the molecular mechanisms of silybin and pimarane derivatives in ferroptosis and inflammation

Ann-Kathrin Schmitt

Role of macrophages from the immune microenvironment in ferroptotic cancer cell death

Anna Lutz

Biologische Evaluierung von Diflapolin-Derivaten als duale Hemmstoffe von FLAP und löslicher Hydrolase

Rebekka Perkmann

Ferroptosis modulating chalcone derivatives derived from Malus micromalus

Laura Hofer

Investigation of the ferroptosis-modulating properties of flavonolignans from Silybum Marianum

Nadja Mahlknecht

Identifizierung von Ferroptose-induzierenden Naturstoffen

Nadine Wild

Role of ZEB1 in regulating phospholipids and ferroptosis

Julia Rupprecht

Untersuchungen zur viabilitätssenkenden Wirkung von PUFA-haltigen Liposomen in humanen Leukämiezellen

Lucia Aulinger

Die biologische Evaluierung von Diflapolin-Derivaten

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