Master Students at Michael Popp Institute




Titel of Thesis

Elif Nur Cömen

Investigating the anti-inflammatory properties of curcuminoids, Carica papaya L. leaf extracts and the active compound phylloxanthobilin

Theresa Scheucher

Role of enzymes in retinoic acid pathway on cell death modulation

Marco Michael Gruber

Impact of structurally diverse biogenic agents on inhibition of lipid membrane peroxidation in cell-free systems and in cellular context

 Melanie Kraker

Regulation of phospholipid composition and glutathione levels by cPLA and GCLC with implications for ferroptosis sensitivity in triple-negative breast cancer cells

Katharina Hille

Biogenic agents that modulate endogenous redox systems:  Anti-ferroptotic activities and mechanisms of action"


successfully completed

Titel of Thesis

Vera Müller

Identification of cytotoxic small molecules that inhibit aquired chemotherapy-resistance in osteosarcoma

Veronika Sotsas

Communication between the immune microenvironment and ferroptotic cancer cells

Virginia Guarda

Identification of vitamin E-inspired dual mPGES-1 and 5-lipoxygenase inhibitors and characterization of their impact on the lipid mediator profile of innate immune cells

Claudia Kostner

Vitamin E derivates and curcuminoids: Structure-activity relationship and molecular mode of action of the anti-ferroptotic activity

Lena Hofmann

Meroterpenoids and biflavonoids: Structure-activity relationship and molecular mode of action of the anti-ferroptotic activity

Katharina Mitteregger

Stable expression of GFP in MDA-MB-231 cells

Stefanie Jarmer

Identification of novel ferroptosis-modulating small molecules and their mode of action

Julia Berger

Elucidation of the molecular mechanisms of silybin and pimarane derivatives in ferroptosis and inflammation

Ann-Kathrin Schmitt

Role of macrophages from the immune microenvironment in ferroptotic cancer cell death

Anna Lutz

Biologische Evaluierung von Diflapolin-Derivaten als duale Hemmstoffe von FLAP und löslicher Hydrolase

Rebekka Perkmann

Ferroptosis modulating chalcone derivatives derived from Malus micromalus

Laura Hofer

Investigation of the ferroptosis-modulating properties of flavonolignans from Silybum Marianum

Nadja Mahlknecht

Identifizierung von Ferroptose-induzierenden Naturstoffen

Nadine Wild

Role of ZEB1 in regulating phospholipids and ferroptosis

Julia Rupprecht

Untersuchungen zur viabilitätssenkenden Wirkung von PUFA-haltigen Liposomen in humanen Leukämiezellen

Lucia Aulinger

Die biologische Evaluierung von Diflapolin-Derivaten

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