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Chromanols in immune regulation and stress adaption

 In vitro screening fails to identify natural products that are converted into bioactive metabolites in gut, liver or peripheral tissues. To address this challenge, we i) quantify metabolites at postulated target sites, ii) isolate or (semi)synthesize promising candidates in collaboration, and iii) study their biological functions in interdisciplinary approaches. A recent highlight was our discovery that immunomodulatory functions of vitamin E are mediated by endogenous metabolites that limit inflammation. Based on these findings we are developing orally active and metabolically stable drug candidates for the treatment of low-grade necroinflammatory diseases.



Team:  Stephan Permann, Solveigh Koeberle


  • Dual Inhibitors inspired from vitamin E (DIVE)     DFG      ANR        FWF
  • Tocotrienol metabolites that induce a lipid mediator class switch from inflammation to inflammation resolution
  • Targeting necroinflammation with chromanols
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