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Targeting ferroptosis at the interface of cancer and inflammation


Ferroptosis is a regulated form of necrotic cell death that is both relevant for degenerative disease and cancer and closely linked to inflammation. Pleiotropic physiological processes, such as polyunsaturated fatty acid and phospholipid metabolism, modulate the sensitivity to ferroptosis, which is triggered by iron-dependent lipid peroxidation. The regulation of ferroptosis is incompletely understood, as are the mechanisms by which oxidized phospholipids execute cell death. Small molecules have been shown to interfere with ferroptosis, thereby opening the door to exciting novel approaches for pharmacological intervention.


Projects_5Pein et al., 2020, in preparation

Team:  Julia Grander, Zhigang Rao, Fengting Su, Leonhard Beireuter


  • Impact of the immune microenvironment on ferroptotic cancer cell death
  • Unraveling pro- and anti-ferroptotic mechanisms of natural products to define ferroptotic signaling pathways
  • Discovery of anti-tumoral and pro-regenerative natural products targeting ferroptosis
  • Lipid metabolic mechanisms in EMT/ZEB1-dependent ferroptosis


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