Lecture 10


Operator Splitting

Dear Participants,

at last we will get all the glory of the hard theoretical preparation, and we are going to present you some numerical analysis results. This week we investigate the operator splitting procedures which are often used in applications. The idea is to split the operator and write it as the sum of two generators, and to obtain the numerical solution from the corresponding semigroups. Read more about their convergence and error bounds by clicking on the link below.

You will have the pleasure to see much of the material from previous lectures at work here. We are already preparing ourselves for Phase 2, some details are left to be worked out in the projects.

Since we realised that a huge amount of material was needed to discuss already, we decided to give you and ourselves a short break. We will meet on 12 January. We wish you happy holidays and a happy new year!

Best wishes and good reading,
your virtual lecturers



A corrected version will be uploaded soon, until then see:

Discussion of Lecture 10.

Solutions and discussion of the exercises.

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