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Dr. Rainer Kurmayer
Project manager

Dr. Sabine Wanzenböck
Public Relations

Research Institute for Limnology, Mondsee
of the University of Innsbruck
Herzog-Odilostrasse 101
5310 Mondsee

 Österreichisches Nationalkomitee für Alpenforschung 
 HBLA Ursprung


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  • Nevalainen L, Ketola M, Korosi JB, Manca M, Kurmayer R, Koinig KA, Psenner R, Luoto TP. (2014). Zooplankton (Cladocera) species turnover and long-term decline of Daphnia in two high mountain lakes in the Austrian Alps. Hydrobiologia 722(1): 75-91. Link

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Kurmayer, R., Blank, S., Deng, Pröll, H., Gabriel, C., Schmidt, R., Psenner, R. Weisse, T. (2014). DETECTIVE - DEcadal deTECTion of biodIVErsity in apline lakes. presentation at the 15th Österreichischer Klimatag, University of Innsbruck, April, 2-4, 2014.


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