rechte mobilisieren

Mobilizing law and rights


Systematic research on ways individuals deal with potentially justiciable problems, on the extent, factors and framework conditions of different forms of individual legal mobilization has been largely lacking for Austria. The present study contributes to closing this research gap. Building on international "legal needs"- and "paths to justice"-research, the project provides empirical data on the role of law in the everyday lives of the Austrian population.

In detail, the research project asks for the prevalence of problems and conflicts that are subjectively difficult to solve, i.e. potentially justiciable, as well as for the practical relevance of law and legal institutions for problem solving. Data form a representative quantitative survey allows to identify the spectrum of possible action orientations in response to non-trivial problems in the Austrian population. In combination with socio-economic data and findings on legal confidence and consciousness, structural and individual obstacles as well as enabling conditions for the mobilization of law and its institutions can be outlined.


The study is co-funded by the Federal Ministry of Justice.


Project Duration

November 2023 until August 2024

Project Lead

Foto: Andrea Fritsche
Andrea Fritsche
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