ELEvaTE – Achievement of excellence in electron processes for future technologies




ELEvaTE is aimed at advancing the excellence of scientists and researchers in the Electron and Plasma Physics Laboratory (EPPL) of the Faculty of Mathematics Physics and Informatics, Comenius University in Bratislava (EPPL CU). The EPPL studies electron interactions with molecules in different aggregate states to develop novel future technologies, particularly those based on nanoscale molecular engineering. Such research has direct applications in plasma technology and radiotherapy. The overall quality of the Slovakian team is already recognised and evidenced by the number of papers published in high impact international journals and their subsequent large number of citations, the number of invited talks at leading international conferences and the number of conferences/workshops that EPPL and FMPI CU are requested to host.

ELEvaTE (ExceLlence in Electron TEchnologies) is aimed at providing the next step in the development of EPPL and FMPI CU from a national and regional centre of excellence to a European and international centre of excellence. In taking this step it is necessary to address several key issues that are currently restricting such growth. 

Project Partners

Headed by the EPPL of Comenius University in Bratislava, also The Molecular Physics Group at The Open University, Milton Keynes (UK), is involved next to our working group.




The Molecular Physics Group (MPG) is part of the Department of Physical Sciences (DPS) the largest of the three academic departments within the OU Science Faculty, with over 150 staff and postgraduate students. DPS hosts one of the UK’s and Europe’s largest planetary science research groups. Members of DPS have been involved with all the major ESA planetary missions to date, as well participating in many missions from other agencies. Present work focuses on the on-going and imminent missions such as Rosetta (where the OU is the Principal Investigator of the Ptolemy instrument), Cassini-Huygens (where OU staff were Principal investigators for Surface Science Package), and ExoMars (where OU Staff are lead or joint lead for UV-Vis spectrometer, the Advanced Environmental Package, and the Entry and Descent Landing System).

 Selected events in the framework of ELEvaTE: 


28.06.2018  ELEvaTE Workshop (Innsbruck)
27.05. – 30.05.2018  ELEvaTE Workshop (Bratislava)
27.11.2017      ELEvaTE Meeting (Innsbruck p.s.b.)
26.06. – 27.06.2017     Meeting ELEvaTE Review (Brussels)
23.05. – 26.05.2017  Rosetta Workshop, ELEvaTE Meeting (Bratislava)
16.01. – 18.01.2017    SAPP Conference 2017 (Štrbské Pleso, Slovakia)
27.01.2016   Kick-Off Meeting ELEvaTE (Bratislava)



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