current coordinators:

Alexandra Moisi & Theresa Uitz

previous coordinators:

Bettina Siegele & Zeynep Brugger (Cinar) 

Andreas Körner & Gonzalo Vaíllo 

Peter Massin & Johannes Megens  



We proudly present the graduates of the doctoral program of the faculty of architecture. The list is sorted chronologically.


Oswald Jenewein - Post Oil Environments 

Gonzalo Vaíllo - The ineffable and the knowable: a design theory on the double unknown side of the architectural project

Raimund Mair - Die Augsburger Modellkammer als Spiegel des historischen Stadtbauamtes

Peter Massin - Zur Konstitution des Ornaments in der Architektur : Historiografie, Gegenwart und Morphologie DOI:10.25651/5.2022.0001

Birgit Brauner - Bottom-up and Top-down: governmental policies and local collaborative approaches towards informal urban growth in Lisbon and Sao Paulo

Jordi Vivaldi Piera - Continuous while Discrete 

Ingrid Hufnagl - Crisis : Typology as indicator and method for an investigation of an epistemic shift in the discipline of architecture

Daniel Köhler - A mereological reading of the works of Ludwig Hilberseimer - punctualisation as an architectural method

Rupert Maleczek- linear folded stripes

Irmi Peer

Günther Filz - Das weiche Haus _soft.spaces

Wolfgang Andexlinger

Alexander Pfanzelt

Andreas Flora

Eric Sidoroff

Clemens Plank

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