IARC - Independent Architecture Research Colloquia

The Architecture Research Colloquia is initiated and organized by the PhD candidates and young researchers of the Faculty of Architecture, University of Innsbruck. It is an independent platform that gives current researchers the possibility to invite guest lecturers of their own interest. In the context of the Colloquia current PhD students and faculty presenting and share thoughts on developing work within a conversation format.

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14.04.2021 at 18.30 MEET YOUR UNI (#MYU): TALK SERIE_SS21

Speakers: Celia Di Pauli, Lida Badafareh & Mehrshad Atashi (mershandlee) and Sophie Elaine Wolf
Moderator: Florina Pop
MYU SS 21 NR 2
Meet Your Uni is a platform for the exchange of architectural knowledge in the form of talks and conversations organized by the IARC at the University of Innsbruck. The initiative aims to establish a culture of dialogue that involves students, young researchers, Ph.D. Candidates, faculty, and professors of the Faculty of Architecture (UIBK) in the presentation and discussion of the different architecture positions currently present at the School. In other words, exposing the variety of disciplinary approaches beyond the profiles and field of expertise of the Institutes to bring to the fore the agendas, interests, motivations, and personal stances of individuals.
For each session, two speakers (or teams) will give a 20 min talk in which they can present their work, specific project (s), theoretical position, research projects, etc. Subsequently, a moderator will lead a discussion (30-40 min) about the work presented in which the participation of the public is also expected.

Zoom Link:
Meeting ID: 884 5797 6423
Passcode: meV8Jw

Youtube Live Stream: https://youtu.be/jBE0dwmdTxk


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