Research Centre
Environmental Economics and Regional Development

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The Environmental Economics and Regional Development Research Group is part of the multidisciplinary Research Area Alpine Space- Man and Environment of the University of Innsbruck. It is also part of the Research Platform Empirical and Experimental Economic Research, including the Faculty of Economics and Statistics and the Faculty of Business Administration.


Welcome to our new member of staff

We are happy to welcome Dr. Katharina Momsen as new Postdoc joining our group ... »»

Student Chapter

Congratulations to our student Tobias Haller for successfully defending his PhD thesis entitled Experiments on Environmental Public Goods: Endogenous Losses and Externalities ... »»

New Publication

We are proud to announce     that the joint publication of our colleague Esther Blanco together with her int. collaborators on Integrating Simultaneous Pro-social and Anti-social Behavior into Theories of Collective Action has been published in Science Advances and is subject of various int. press articles ... »»