Venue / Accommodation

The meeting will be held at the Palais Claudiana.

As Claudiana the former government building of the Tyrolean provincial government is called, which bears the name of the princess Claudia de Medici. Under it, the building was rebuilt in the 17th century and received the only event-accessible hall with the rich Renaissance wooden ceiling. The Palais Claudiana is located in the immediate vicinity of the Golden Roof in the heart of Innsbruck.


Traveling to Innsbruck

By plane:

  • To Innsbruck Airport and by public buses (around 3 Euros one-way) or taxi within 10 minutes into the city center
  • To Munich Airport and by train (from around 30 Euro one-way, early booking means lower prices), air port shuttle (around 50 Euro one-way) or bus (from around 20 Euro one-way, early booking means lower prices) to Innsbruck

By train: 

  • Please book tickets at your preferred railway company (the Austrian one is to "Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof" (HBF), public buses or walking will bring you to all destinations in the city center within a few minutes. From Vienna, travel time to Innsbruck is around 4,5 hours.


List of hotels 

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