Mock Innsbruck:
the connection between galaxies and dark matter haloes, 10-13 March 2020


Mock Innsbruck is the fifth installment of the Mock series after Mock Santiago, Perth, Durham, and Cordoba.

The goal of Mock Innsbruck is to bring together leading researchers in computational studies of galaxy formation and cosmology and key representatives from current and future surveys to promote discussions and collaborations.

The main focus of Mock Innsbruck will be on the galaxy-halo connection. In this meeting we will discuss: 

  • The implications of the galaxy-halo connection on galaxy formation models and cosmology
  • The role of galaxy and halo assembly bias on empirical galaxy-halo models (e.g., SHAM, HOD)
  • What we can learn from the next generation of wide-field galaxy surveys to understand the galaxy-halo connection
  • Alternative new techniques to connect galaxy properties with dark matter haloes
  • Galaxy-halo models to interpret galaxy surveys and their spatial statistics 
  • Mock galaxies to explore different open questions in astrophysics

To maintain the number of people to a reasonable size to foster dialog this workshop is by invitation only.



The workshop has received financial support from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under the Marie Sklodowskaw-Curie grant agreement number 734374, i.e. the LACEGAL project.

We also acknowledge the International Relations Office and Vizerektorat für Forschung from the University of Innsbruck for financial support.


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