Conference excursion: Discover > 2000 years of human–environment interaction in Halltal


Thursday, September 12th 2019, 11:30 (at the congress place) - 18:00 (at Hall).


Archeological investigations in Halltal near St. Magdalena gave evidence that commercial salt mining started around 2500 years ago. Over the centuries, technical improvements lead to increasing yields from mining but also intensifying human activities in the (extreme) mountain environment of Halltal and its surroundings. In cooperation with a local museum (Gemeindemuseum Absam), a local company responsible for water collection and supply in Hall (Hall AG), the Alpenpark Karwendel (park management) and the Hall Tourism office, we will explore some interesting spots and learn about historic and present day topics (water supply, natural hazards and tourism, nature conservation etc.) very typical for human-environment interaction in mountain areas. 

PS: In its first years, the University of Innsbruck, just celebrating its 350 anniversary, was funded by a tax on salt mined in Halltal :-).





Most of Halltal is part of the nature conservation area Alpenpark Karwendel. Therefore we will have bus transport from Innsbruck to the entrance of Halltal and hike around 2 hours (3km distance, 600m altitude difference) to St. Magdalena. Road transport to Sankt Magdalena is offered for people with physical disability. At the beginning of the journey, in St. Magdalena and at points of interest on the route, local experts will present information on historic and present day activities, natural hazards and protection systems, water collection etc.

The main road to Halltal is generally in a good state. Nevertheless, we ask you to bring comfortable mountain gear. In case of very bad weather there is an automatic natural hazard warning system (risk of landslides) that closes the road to Sankt Magdalena. In this case, we will stay in the Inn valley and visit some of the plenty of interesting historic places in the area of Hall. 


Costs are € 35.- per person including bus transfer from and to Innsbruck, local guides and traditional snacks prepared by local farmers. 

Link to conference dinner

The conference dinner will be provided in the so–called "Salzlager Hall", the historical salt depot of the mine in Halltal. Participants joining excursion and dinner have the possibility to directly walk to the place (~40 min) from the exit of Halltal. At the site, further information on the history of mining and the Salzlager will be provided. 


The solid line shows the trail for the excursion, the dotted line shows the optional walk to the place of the conference dinner (Salzlager). Red dots show points of interest whereas the uppermost is optional. If you prefer an interactive map, please click here


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