International Geographic Union (IGU) -
Dynamic of Economic Spaces


The IGU Commission on The Dynamics of Economic Spaces (DES) aims to extend international research and scholarship in economic geography through

  • the development and dissemination of critical theoretical, conceptual and methodological frameworks,
  • the conduct of rigorous empirical and policy analyses,
  • and the building of research capacity in economic geography in different national and institutional contexts.

IGU DES wants to promote international collaboration in research activity and the dissemination of research findings, as well as to facilitate the transfer of knowledge about economic geography and associated policy-related issues between countries and institutions. The commission wants to play a leading international role in the development, promulgation and dissemination of new ideas in economic geography through the development of a strong analytical perspective on the processes, problems and policies associated with the dynamics of local and regional economies as they are incorporated into a globalized world economy.

With the organization of mini-conferences the IGU Commission on “The Dynamics of Economic Spaces” aims to bring together small groups of scholars for in-depth discussion on some of the latest issues in the field of economic geography.

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