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Day 1 - Tuesday 05.02.2019

Poster number Title Presenter
1 Super- and subradiance of clock atoms in multimode optical waveguides  Ostermann, Laurin 
2 A cesium interferometer for quantum metrology Gerstenecker, Benedikt 
3 Wavelength-scale errors in optical localization due to spin-orbit coupling of light  Walser, Stefan 
4 Superradiant emission from colour centres in diamond  Angerer, Andreas 
5 VUV Characterization of 229Th:CaF2 for an optical clock  Beeks, Kjeld Adrianus Antonius Gerardus 
6 Wavefront-shaping for electron microscopy  Weber, Philipp 
7 Superradiance in ensembles of Strontium-88 with inhomogeneous broadening  Kazakov, Georgy 
8 Reaching the optimal sensitivity of non-gaussian spin states using individual sub-level resolution  Evrard, Alexandre 
9 A cesium interferometer for quantum metrology  Lerchbaumer, Maximilian 
10 Quantum advantage for probabilistic one-time programs  Röhsner, Marie-Christine 
11 Matchgate circuits and compressed quantum computation  Hebenstreit, Martin 
12 Characterizing multi-qubit operations in an ion-trap quantum computer  Erhard, Alexander 
13 Estimating spatial correlations in a trapped ion quantum information processor  Postler, Lukas 
14 Constructing k-uniform states and study the graph state representation  Raissi, Zahra 
15 Scalable quantum computation - Keeping a qubit alive  Gerster, Lukas 
16 A hybrid quantum-classical learning agent  Wölk, Sabine 
17 Machine learning for designing new quantum experiments  Melnikov, Alexey 
18 Learning and Planning in Quantum Experiments  Trenkwalder, Lea Marion 
19 Locust collective motion modelled with Projective Simulation  López-Incera, Andrea 
20 Rydberg Excitations in Lanthanoid Atoms for Quantum Simulation  Trautmann, Arno 
21 Quantum simulation of non-perturbative cavity quantum electrodynamics  Jaako, Tuomas 
22 Towards Quantum Simulation of 2D Spin Lattices with Ion Crystals  Kiesenhofer, Dominik 
23 Quantum Simulation of spin models using assembled arrays of Rydberg atoms  De Leseleuc, Sylvain 
24 Experimental Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger Entanglement Beyond QuBits  Erhard, Manuel 
25 Entanglement by Path Identity  Kysela, Jaroslav 
26 Experimental few-copy multi-particle entanglement detection  Saggio, Valeria 
27 Probing the Rényi Entanglement Entropy via Randomised Measurements  Maier, Christine 
28 Entanglement of stabilizer states  Englbrecht, Matthias 
29 Changing SLOCC class using multiple copy transformations  Gunn, David 
30 Entanglement entropies and OTOCs from randomized measurements  Elben, Andreas 
31 Wave-particle dualities of many-body quantum states  Dittel, Christoph 
32 Anomalous energy transport and symmetry breaking in microscopic power grids  Huber, Julian 
33 Cosmic Bell Test using Random Measurement Settings from High-Redshift Quasars  Rauch, Dominik 
34 Satellite-Relayed Intercontinental Quantum Network  Handsteiner, Johannes 
35 Certification and quantification of multilevel quantum coherence  Ringbauer, Martin 
36 Hidden Bridge between Quantum Experiments and Graph Theory  Gu, Xuemei 
37 Chiral Heisenberg Gross-Neveu-Yukawa transition with a single Dirac cone  Lang, Thomas 
39 Testing Foundations of Quantum Mechanics with a Waveguide Interferometer  Gstir, Sebastian 
40 Efficient non-Markovian quantum dynamics using time-evolving matrix product operators  Kirton, Peter 
41 Universal dynamics in an isolated one-dimensional Bose gas far from equilibrium  Erne, Sebastian 
42 The positivity problem in quantum many-body systems  Balanzó-Juandó, Maria 
43 Measuring non-classical paths with atom-cavities in the double-slit experiment  Almeida, Jessica Oliveira de 
94 Arbitrary d-dimensional Pauli X-Gates of a flying Qudit Gao, Xiaoqin
95 Quantum Computing with Graphene Plasmons

Irati, Alonso Calafell

96 Quantum non-demolition measurement of many-body Hamiltonians

Sieberer, Lukas

97 Optimizing Quantum Error Correction Codes with Reinforcement Learning 
Nautrup, Hendrik Poulsen

Day 2 - Thursday 07.02.2019

Poster number Title Presenter
38 After all, are non-completely-positive maps physical or not? How causal models can clear up conceptual confusion  Ried, Katja 
44 Plasmon Enhanced Third-Harmonic Generation with Graphene Nanoribbons  Trenti, Alessandro 
45 Towards electrically injected parametric down-conversion in Bragg-reflection waveguides  Schlager, Alexander 
46 An optical nanofiber-based interface for solid-state quantum emitters  Skoff, Sarah M. 
47 Direct and teleportation-based qubit interfaces between a single ion and near-IR photons  Kucera, Stephan 
48 Interacting Rydberg ions  Zhang, Chi 
49 Ultrafast coherent excitation of a Ca40+ ion  Heinrich, Daniel 
50 Polarization gradient cooling of one- and two-dimensional ion crystals  Roos, Christian 
51 Enhancing Optical/Electron Phase Microscopy for Biological Applications  Juffmann, Thomas 
52 Energy determination of the Th-229 nuclear clock transition  Seiferle, Benedict 
53 A direct nuclear laser excitation scheme for Th-229m  von der Wense, Dr Lars 
54 Prospects for a Cesium interferometer with tunable interactions  Manz, Stephanie 
55 Long Baseline Molecular Interferometry  Fein, Yaakov 
56 Cavity and circuit QED in the non-perturbative regime  De Bernardis, Daniele 
57 The Roentgen-term and surprising effects in basic in atom-light interaction  Sonnleitner, Matthias 
58 Observation of Multimode strong coupling of laser-cooled atoms to fiber-guided photons  Johnson, Aisling 
59 Chiral cavity quantum electrodynamics with whispering-gallery-modes  Scheucher, Michael 
60 Heating in Nanophotonic Traps for Cold Atoms  Hümmer, Daniel 
61 Studying collective effects in 3D waveguide QED with frequency and time-domain resolved spectroscopy  Sharafiev, Aleksei 
62 An ion-trap quantum network node  Schupp, Josef 
63 Towards quantum state transfer between two ions separated by 400m  Pu, Yunfei 
64 Controlled photon generation and absorption in ion-cavity systems for quantum networks  Galli, Maria 
65 Quantum network with fiber cavities  Zou, Yueyang 
66 Observation of ultra-strong spin-motion coupling for cold atoms in optical microtraps Philipp Schneeweiss
67 Direct loading of levitated nanoparticles in a Paul trap in high vacuum  Bykov, Dmitry 
68 New regimes of light-matter interaction in levitated nanoparticles  Gonzalez-Ballestero, Carlos 
69 Detection, charging and cooling of a levitating nanosphere in a Paul trap  Dania, Lorenzo 
70 Quantum State Tomography of Levitated Nanoparticles  Weiss, Talitha 
71 Quantum measurement and control of levitated nano-particles  Walker, Liam 
72 Towards matter-wave interferometry experiments with nanoparticles Vahramian, Pietro
73 Dissipative Photon Blockade and Environment Induced Rabi Oscillations in the Optomechanical Boson-Boson Model Minoguchi, Yuri
74 Spin dynamics of dipolar fermions in an optical lattice  Mark, Manfred 
75 Antiferromagnetic self-ordering of a Fermi gas in a ring cavity  Colella, Elvia 
76 Static and dynamic properties of a repulsive Bose-Fermi mixture  Fritsche, Isabella 
77 Accurate projective two-band description of topological superfluidity in spin-orbit-coupled Fermi gases  Toikka, Lauri Antero 
78 Production of degenerate Fermi mixtures of dysprosium and potassium atoms  Corre, Vincent 
79 Quasi-Particles in Flat Energy Bands  Flannigan, Stuart 
80 Dissipative preparation of fermionic spin-entangled states in ultracold atoms  Yago Malo, Jorge 
81 Roton mode in dipolar quantum Bose gases.  Chomaz, Lauriane 
82 Cavity-induced emergent topological spin textures in a Bose-Einstein condensate  Ostermann, Stefan 
83 Observing the quantization of orbital angular momentum with toroidal Bose-Einstein condensates  Kiałka, Filip Bartłomiej 
84 Atomic double twin beams  Borselli, Filippo 
85 Tunable quantum matter in confined dimensions  Santra, Bodhaditya 
86 Towards ultracold dipolar KCs molecules  Gröbner, Michael 
87 Towards Pairs of Momentum Correlated Metastable Helium Atoms  Dare, Kahan 
88 Towards weak measurements on Bose-Einstein Condensates  Maiwöger, Mira 
89 Towards ultracold RbSr molecules in an optical lattice  Charpignon, Severin 
90 Quantum Engineering of a Low-Entropy Gas of Heteronuclear Bosonic Molecules in an Optical Lattice  Capecchi, Deborah 
91 Dipolar Quantum Mixtures of Erbium and Dysprosium  Ilzhöfer, Philipp 
92 Dephasing and Relaxation of Bosons in 1D to 3D cross over  Li, Chen 
93 Phonon excitations in a one dimensional Bose gas  Cataldini, Federica 
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