EXHIBITION: Austria and Canada: a unique bond

Austria and Canada celebrate 70 years of diplomatic relations. Exhibition Innsbruck: 18.03.-21.04.2022.
Ausstellung Artivive
(Credit: Artivive)

The year 2022 marks 70 years of diplomatic relations between Austria and Canada. To honor this, the Embassy of Austria in Canada and the Embassy of Canada in Austria, together with the Artivive platform, launched an Open Call for artists from both countries last November.

In the submissions, artists were asked to reflect on their personal experiences with and emotional connections to the two countries, as well as visually highlight different perspectives or similarities (social issues, minorities, cultural conflicts, language-related issues, nature/environment, etc.).

The prints of the ten winning images, selected this February by a jury of Canadian and Austrian curators, will be on display at several exhibitions in both countries. Using the digital facilities of Artivive, visitors to the exhibitions can not only marvel at the prints in the classical sense, but also bring them to life by scanning the images via the Artivive app.


Exhibition Innsbruck

Date: 18.03.-21.04.2022

Place: Claudiana, 1st floor, Herzog-Friedrich-Strasse 3, Innsbruck


Opening: 18.03.2022, 7 pm


Please observe the Covid-19 security measures currently in place at the University of Innsbruck and provide a valid 3G proof.


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