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Coronavirus: Well prepared for autumn

In the winter semester, virtual courses and mixed forms will again be offered in addition to classroom teaching. During the summer, the buildings will remain closed, and the lending service of the University Library will be open. Appointments must be booked for personal admission.

FAQ for students and applicants

FAQ for lectures (eCampus)

FAQ for employees (Intranet)

Current measures

Operations at the university locations are continuing. However, the buildings are currently closed to the public and only accessible with a key/chip. Please follow the safety precautions and hygiene regulations

In addition to classroom courses, we will also offer virtual courses as well as hybrid courses. Courses with physical attendance will be offered in particular, where a personal exchange between lecturers and students is absolutely necessary. We will also pay particular attention to offer courses with physical attendance for first-semester students.

Under appropriate security measures, events take place at the university, and business trips are also possible.

The University Library offers a comprehensive range of electronic media as well as a limited document delivery service for staff members as well as students. Lending is possible at all locations. From 1 October, all reading rooms will again be available to students. An online registration system will be available. Further information is available at

The University Sports Institute (USI) is offering a limited course programme during summer. Information on the opening of facilities:

The Study Office, the Faculty Service Office/Examination Office and IT-Services are temporarily only available via e-mail and telephone. For personal admission appointments can be booked:

Until further notice, the post rooms on Innrain, Sowi and Technik will remain open daily from 07.30 - 12.00 hours.

The Mensa facilities are partially open. You can find the opening hours here:

Any questions? Then please contact the coronavirus hotline:

More information: 

FAQ on coronavirus and current measures

How is the coronavirus transmitted?

According to the information available so far, it is a human-to-human transmission mainly through an infection by droplets, as it can occur during conversation, by coughing or sneezing. Contact or smear infections also play a role. Further information about the virus and its transmission can be found here:

Whom should one contact?

Persons with symptoms should contact the health advice centre on 1450 (without area code from all networks). If you have been diagnosed with a compulsorily notifiable disease or if there is a strong suspicion, please inform Dr. Elisabeth Oberrauch-Genser, medical officer at the University of Innsbruck:, +43 664 3206062 and the Coronavirus Hotline of the University

With the online questionnaire of the Leitstelle Tirol, it is possible to clarify with just a few questions whether or not someone is classified as a suspicious case according to the current definition of the Austrian Ministry of Health. In case of uncertainties or questions, you can also contact the Coronavirus Hotline of the province of Tyrol at +43 800 80 80 30 or the 24-hour Infoline of the AGES at +43 800 555 621. Between 8 and 20 o'clock psychologists and counselors are available on the Corona Helpline 0800 400 120. 

If I am infected with the coronavirus or have had contact with infected people, do I have to report it?

In accordance with the university's duty of care, all persons who have been in contact with a SARS-CoV-2 infected person or who have been diagnosed with an infection are asked to contact the university's physician by email ( with the following information: First and last name, telephone number, address, brief key data on the contact (when, how long, contact in which form).

How can one protect oneself against the coronavirus?

The most important and effective measures for personal protection as well as for the protection of others against infection with respiratory pathogens are good hand hygiene, correct cough labels and keeping a minimum distance (approx. 1 to 2 metres). 

And please follow the safety precautions and hygiene regulations on campus. 

Will there be public events at the university in the near future?

Events can again take place at the university in compliance with security regulations:

Which regulations apply at the University Library?

The University Library offers a comprehensive range of electronic media as well as a limited document delivery service for staff members as well as diploma, master and doctoral students. The lending service will be reopened gradually. Further information is available at

Please check your library account continuously. In case of discrepancies please contact customer service. The ULB TIrol web pages are constantly updated. The customer service is available by telephone and e-mail from Mon-Fri 8-17 hrs: +512 507 2410,

Are mail rooms still open?

Until further notice, the post rooms on the Innrain, Sowi and Campus Technik will remain open daily from 07.30 - 12 noon to accept and deliver mail. Individual deliveries are currently only available to a limited extent. Please keep a safe distance when collecting or delivering mail. Please order only the really necessary items at the moment!

FAQ for students

More Information on current developments and the general situation:


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