Project "Hebrew manuscripts and fragments in Austrian libraries"


Description of the project:

The project includes the collection and identification of all extant hebrew manuscripts and fragments in the Austrian libraries with exception of the Austrian National Library in Vienna. The inspection of the libraries and the photographing of the fragments is almost done. The identification and description of the material is well under way. The publication of all the material will be progressively done; a first portion was published in autumn 2007 on the above mentioned internet adress.

The project was initiated by the late Prof. DDr. Ferdinand Dexinger in 1991 in collaboration with Friends of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem represented by DDr. Peter Landesmann (Vienna) and members of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. After the sudden death of Prof. Dexinger 2002 the experienced team works under the direction of Prof. Dr. Josef Oesch (Innsbruck) assisted by Mag. Almut Laufer as an expert for the judaistic texts.

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