1. Online Workshop "Surviving the Anthropecene: Eco-Philosophy and Eco-Pegagogy for a New Age" March 2020


2. Aqua App Development Workshop July 2020


3. International Interdisciplinary Symposium: "Surviving the Anthropocene. Towards Elemental Literacy and Interdisciplinary Partnerships", May 24-26 2021


4. Seminar: "Water Epistemologies. Trans-cultural and trans-species knowledge, ethics and citizenship in waterscapes", June 21 2021:

   a)  Welcome and Shé Hawke: Re-wilding waterscapes through a renewed "Ecology of Mind"

   b)  Teya Brooks Pribac: Like water in water - normativities and rapid flows of change

   c)  Martin Müller: Thinking with rivers - action research fpr ecoliteracy

   d)  Tomaz Grušovnik: The unbreakable glass of the fishtank - philosophical reflections on aquaristics

   e)  Elsa Lee: Connecting water to global citizenship education via education for sustainable development

   f)  Reingard Spannring: Living like a river in a concrete bed - subjectivity and nature in critical theory

   g)  John Piccolo: Only dead fish float with the current


Pebbles in Water

(Foto: pebbles in water, © Spannring)

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