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Portugal, spindles

Portuguese supported spindles without whorl.
Left: wooden spindle with spiral tip. Length: 11.02".
Right: wooden spindle with iron spiral tip. Length: 9.64". 21st century.


Portugal, woman spinning flax
Women scutching and spinning flax. Fundão 1936.

Portugal, women spinning

Two women spinning. The spindle of the woman on the right side of the picture (see detail) shows that these spindles, similar to French spindles, do not have whorls. Fundão 1936.

Frau aus der Region Beira beim Spinnen.
Woman from the Beira region spinning.

Lisbon - Portugese woman spinning.

Portugal, Jose Malhoa,Velha fiando

Woman spinning flax. To keep the thread moist she is pulling it through her mouth. Postcard with a painting by José Malhoa, 1904. José Vital Branco Malhoa, known simply as José Malhoa (* Caldas da Rainha, 28 April 1855 ; † Figueiró dos Vinhos, 26 October 1933) was a Portuguese painter.



Portugal, woman spinning
Portuguese woman spinning.

  Images from a YouTube-video. To watch the video see here: YouTube, Portuguese Spindle

Azores (Portugal)
North Atlantic Ocean

Azores, Sao Miguel, 1910

Women on the island São Miguel spinning, 1910.

















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