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Mexico, spindles

Mexican spindles:
Supported hand spindle authentic to the Chiapas spinners in southern Mexico. Used to spin a fairly rough wool from the fleece of churro-merino sheep. Wooden shaft and ceramic whorl. Length: 15.74"; Weight: 50.3 g. 21st century.
Right: Western Oaxacan spinners use these colorful handmade malacates supported to spin their locally grown brown cotton. While they are spinning the fiber, they rest the lower point of the spindle shaft in a small cup. The spindles are manufactured in the Jamiltepec District, Oaxaca. The spindle shafts are carved from mangrove and the spindle whorls are made from local clay. Both the shaft and the whorl are painted in the colorful local style. Length: 11.4"; Weight: 17 g. 21st century.

Mexico, Jamiltepec women spinning
Women spinning in San Juan Colorado, Oaxaca in south-western Mexico, Jamiltepec District.

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Tejedoras de Vida y Sueños (Weavers of live and dreams).

Mexico, Majo woman spinning
Stereoscopic card showing a Majo woman spinning, pre 1950.

 Mexico, Zapotec women spinning and weavingZapotec Indians spinning and weaving, 1913.

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