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Morocco, spindles

Wooden Berber spindles from the Middle Atlas. 19th to mid-20th century. Lengths: 8,77" (left) and 12" (right); whorl diameters: 2,28" (left) and 1,7" (right).

Morocco, spindle2
Wooden Berber spindle, late 19th - early 20th century. Length: 13,89", whorl diameter: 2,28".
Distaff (Length: 27.5”) and spindle (length: 27.1”; diameter of whorl: 2.7”).

Morocco, group of spinners
This postcard shows a group of spinners visiting the Mission of the Franciscan Sisters in Meknès, Morocco, c. 1926. The actual activity of spinning however is not shown.















Morocco, High Atlas, Woman spinning wool
Woman spinning with a large spindle supported in a bowl, High Atlas
Morocco, spinner with spindle and distaff
Woman with spindle and distaff, 1988.

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