Research sites in the Inner Oetz Valley


ZAMG Weather Station at the Alpine Research Centre Obergurgl

Blick auf die Wetterstation
The meteorological Weather Station at the Alpine Research Centre Obergurgl (Foto: Cathleen Peer)


Altitude: 1930 m a.s.l.

Location: Tyrol, inner Oetz valley, Gurgler valley

Position: 46° 52′ 0″ N, 11° 01′ 00″ E

Description: In 1951, the Alpine Research Centre Obergurgl has been established in one of four former custom houses, which are located at the southern edge of Obergurgl.


In 1953 a manned weather station was established at the Alpine Research Centre in Obergurgl. Besides the climatic observation (daily measurements of the meteorological conditions) every day at 06:30 am a synoptic report (detailled description of the current weather situation) is sent to the Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG) in Innsbruck. In 1999, the ZAMG extended the climatic observation by a semi-automatic weather station, which provides high resolution data of the following parameters: Air temperature and Dew point temperature [°C], Relative humidity [%], Geopotential height of the 850-hPa pressure level [m], Ground temperature [°C], Wind speed [m/s], Wind direction [°], Precipitation rate [mm/h], Accumulated precipitation [mm] or [Liter/m²], Sunshine duration [min/10min], Accumulated sunshine [hours] (see actual data).

Moreover the monthly precipitation is measured with two precipitation collectors situated at the Schoenwieskopf and a the boundary of the Rotmoos Glacier for the Hydrographic Service of the Tyrolean Government.

Totalisator Schönwies Totalisator Rotmoos

The precipitation collectors at the Schoenwieskopf (left) and at the boundary of the Rotmoos Glacier (right) (Foto: Cathleen Peer)

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