Research sites in the Inner Oetz Valley



The Hintereisferner in the Rofen valley nearby Vent (Foto: E.-M. Koch)

Altitude: 3028 m.a.s.l. (meteorological station) 

Location: Tyrol, inner Oetz valley, Venter valley, Rofen valley 

Position: 46° 48' 37'' N, 10° 46' 53'' E 

Description: The Hintereisferner covers an area of about 7,5 square kilometres (measurements in 2005) and a length of about 7 kilometres (measurements in 2003). It is one of the biggest glaciers of Tyrol. The Hintereisferner moves from the Weißkugel (3.738 m a.s.l.) eastward into the Rofen valley. It is a typical alpine valley glacier with a long tongue in an U-shaped valley. The peaks Im Hinteren Eis (3270 m), Teufelsegg (3226 m) and Innere Quellspitze (3514 m) surround the accumulation area of the glacier in the South-East, in the North-West the glacier is circumscribed by the Langtauferer Spitze and the Weißkugel. 

Research: Since already more than 100 years, glaciologists investigate the mass balance of the Hintereisferner. Also at the close by Kesselwandferner measurments are carried out.

More information at the homepage of the Institute of Meteorology and Geophysics

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