Alpine Research Centre Obergurgl


The University Centre Obergurgl is housing infrastructure to host field courses, seminars and conventions as well as a laboratory to preserve and store scientific samples.  

Library of the Alpine Research Centre:

This library hosts a collection of more than 1.600 writings, most of them about alpine environments. Books can be lend but have to stay in Obergurgl.

The library can also be used for seminars and meeting with up to 14 people. Technical equipment (beamer etc.) will be provided.

Library of the Alpine research Centre 
(photo: archive University Centre)

Course room:

The course room of the Alpine Research Centre is equiped with modern refelected light microscopes (type Motic SMZ-168) and cold light to examine specimens and other course material.

Also, the course room is equiped for seminars, talks and meeting with up to 34 people.

Course room of the Alpine research Centre (photo: archive Universtiy Centre)


The Alpine Research Centre has a small laboratry at its disposal, witch can be used to preserve and store samples. Please note that the use of toxic chemicals is not allowed in this laboratory.

Laboratory (photo: Alpine Research Centre)

Lecture hall:

Furthermore, the University Centre is equiped with a lecture hall with room for up to 125 people. It is the perfect place for talks, presentations or panel discussions with a large audience. The lecture hall can also be separated into two smaller rooms.

Lecture hall of the University Centre (photo: archive of the University Centre)

Library of the University Centre:

Meeting and Seminars can also be held in the library of the University Centre. It offers technical equipment and room for up to 36 people.

Library of the University Centre (photo: archive University Centre)
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