Democracy, Religion, and Pluralism: Theological Responses

Donnerstag, 11. November 2021, 09.00–16.30 Uhr

Democracy, Religion, and Pluralism: Theological Responses. A Doctoral Student's Conference [Programm]

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In the face of growing inequalities propelled by the neo-liberal free-market mechanisms, hyper-nationalist movements have emerged across the world, manifesting deep-seated resentment and anger among large sections of people that have telling consequences on the democratic practices. In such a volatile context, the conference wrestles with questions: have there been any movements to strengthen democratic ethos and values, and, have they succeeded or failed? Drawing upon Catholic Social Thought and classical as well as contemporary socio-political insights, the papers respond to these critically significant challenges. Catholic theological reflections offered here hope to highlight new insights and narratives that have potential to foster the deepening of democracy and democratic values.  

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