ONLINE Gastvortrag von Michel Croce (Dublin) und Tommaso Piazza (Pavia): „Consuming Fake News: Can We Do Any Better?“

Mittwoch, 09. Dezember 2020, 18.00 Uhr

ONLINE Gastvortrag von Michel Croce, PhD (University College Dublin) und Prof. associato Tommaso Piazza (University of Pavia): „Consuming Fake News: Can We Do Any Better?“ [Plakat]

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Extant remedies to the online proliferation of fake news range from promoting a reform of individual epistemic conduct to implementing systemic interventions. This paper defends educational approaches from the charge of being motivated by an excessively strict appraisal of the doxastic conduct of social media users. In particular, we address two versions of this charge, according to which the epistemic conduct of social media users is not criticisable because virtuous (Rini 2017) or because fully excused (Millar 2019). For both authors, we should not target individual behaviors but concentrate on reforming institutions and the architecture of online informational environments. We resist both contentions. Contra Rini, we claim that most fake news is beyond the range of application of the virtue of epistemic partisanship. Contra Millar, we argue that most social media users have some control over their informational diet and, for this reason, can be requested to amend their doxastic conduct. 

Tommaso Piazza is Associate Professor at the Philosophy Section of the Department of Humanities of the University of Pavia, Italy. His research is mainly in philosophy of language (truth and meaning) and epistemology (evidentialism, epistemic justification, epistemic transmission, and epistemic defeaters).

Michel Croce is a Postdoctoral Fellow at University College Dublin, where he works as part of PERITIA, a major ERC funded research project on policy and trust in expertise. He specializes in epistemology and ethics, and his current research focuses on the philosophy of expertise, moral epistemology, and the philosophy of education.

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