Here we list all titles of PhD and Master theses, supervised by Barbara Kraus, with relative links to the digital library of the University of Innsbruck. 

PhD Theses

Martin Hebenstreit, December 2019
Title: Applications of multipartite entanglement and state transformations

David Sauerwein, November 2018
Title: Multipartite Entanglement: From Transformations to Measures

Katharina Schwaiger, December 2017
Title: Towards the operational characterization of multipartite entanglement

Cornelia Spee, March 2016
Title: Maximally entangled sets and entanglement preparation

Walter León Boyajian, October 2015
Title: Matchgate circuits and compressed quantum computation


Master Theses

Marc Langer, July 2021
Title: Mixed Magic States for Matchgate Quantum Computers

Eda Harmanci, January 2021
Title: State transformations of inhomogeneous systems

Albert Rico, September 2020
Title: Absolutely Maximally Entangled states in small system sizes

Leonhard Johannes Czarnetzki , January 2019
Title: Pure state transformations among multiple copies of W-type quantum states

Raphael Brieger, April 2018
Title: Entanglement capabilities of stabilizer states

Yaiza Aragonés Soria, January 2018
Title: Applications of states in the maximally entangled set

Martin Hebenstreit, November 2015
Title: The maximally entangled set of tripartite qutrit states


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