Copying and pasting text and graphics

The ICA Client automatically transfers text and graphics between the X Windows and remote clipboards, so that you can copy or cut and paste freely between X Windows and remote applications.

Note: The xcapture program is an external helper application to assist the exchange of graphical data between the Citrix server clipboard and non-ICCCM-compliant X-window applications on the X desktop. It operates by importing an image using one protocol, then storing and exporting that image using a (usually) different protocol.

Support is currently included for ICCCM, xv (an X graphics manipulation utility) and screen grab, where a portion of the screen is selected. When screen grab is invoked, the cursor changes to a cross-hair. If the middle button is pressed, the window under the cursor is grabbed. If the left button is dragged over a region, a rubber band indicates the area grabbed. The right mouse button cancels the grab. While both xmag and xv can also do screen grab, they do not cope well with mixed-visual or mixed-colormap regions. xmag does not bother to grab the colormap at the same time as the pixels.

The xcapture program is located in the /usr/lib/ICAClient/util directory.

Note: Check whether the Citrix server you are connecting to supports the graphics clipboard.

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