Configuring the Disk Cache

Disk caching stores commonly-used graphical objects such as bitmaps in a local disk cache on the client, but uses local hard disk space. If your connection is bandwidth-limited, enabling disk caching increases performance.

To Configure the Disk Cache

  1. Choose Settings from the Option menu.
  2. Choose Disk Cache from the Settings dialog box to display the Disk Cache page:


    • To change the amount of disk space used for the cache, move the top slider bar. The default value is 16 MB.
    • To change the location of the disk cache, type a new location in the Disk Cache Directory box, or click the Change button and select a location.
    • To change the minimum size of bitmap to cache, move the bottom slider bar. The default value is 64kB
    • Click Clear Cache Now to clear the current cache directory of cache files.
  3. Click OK.

Note: When connecting over a modem, changing the minimum size of bitmap to cache to 8kB may improve performance.

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