Setting up drive mapping

You can configure the ICA Client so that you can access any directory mounted on your UNIX workstation, including CD-ROMs, from the Citrix server session as Windows PC drive letters. After changing drive mapping settings you need to log off and reconnect to the Citrix server for the changes to take effect; simply disconnecting is not sufficient.

Note: Check whether the Citrix server you are connecting to supports Drive Mapping.

To display the drive mapping settings

  1. Choose Settings from the Option menu.
  2. Choose Drive Mapping from the Settings dialog box to display the Drive Mapping page:

  3. For each Windows drive letter the Drive mapping list shows the disk or path name of the UNIX directory mapped to the drive, and the Enable/Read/Write access.

To map a Citrix server drive to a directory on your UNIX workstation

  1. Select the drive you want to map; for example B:.
  2. Click Modify to change the drive mapping. A standard UNIX file selection dialog is displayed to allow you to select the UNIX directory to map.
  3. Select the directory you want to map to and click OK. The directory is shown in the Drive mapping list.
    If the drive you have mapped is not available on the Citrix server, the directory you have specified is mapped to another free drive letter.

To enable access to a specific drive

  • Click the check box next to the corresponding drive.

To change the access to a drive

  • Click the appropriate read/write icons corresponding to the drive. The meaning of the icons are as follows:
Icon Meaning
Read access
Prompt for read access on first access per session
No read access
Write access
Prompt for write access on first access per session
No write access

To enable drive mapping

  • Select Enable Drive Mapping. This enables drive mapping for all your connections. Note that the same drive mapping and access settings will apply to all connections.

To use mapped drives

Depending on the setup of the server, your mapped drives may or may not be immediately available. They may also be mapped to different server drive letters than those you specified in the Drive Mapping panel, because the drives you specified have already been assigned by the server.

Client drives are shown in the format \Clientdrive where drive is the drive letter specified in the Drive Mapping panel.

Filenaming conventions

As UNIX is a case sensitive filesystem and Windows is case insensitive, problems may occur if you use UNIX files within the ICA client session whose names are identical except for their case. For example, ReadMe and README.

In such circumstances, although Windows displays the names correctly in a file listing, when a file is referred to, for example as a link in an HTML file, the first file found is used.

It is therefore recommended that any files you intend to use within the ICA client session have unique names.

Free disk space on mapped drives

Note that when viewing the amount of free disk space available on a mapped drive, the amount displayed is the total amount of free space available on the file system which contains the mapped UNIX directory.

If another file system has been mounted below the mapped UNIX directory, the free disk space shown may not relate to the listed directory.

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