PhD Program Management

Aims and Scope

The PhD program in Management allows students to pursue independent research on a topic of their interest. Students are guided by experienced faculty members and develop their ideas in close interaction with professors.

The program is targeted at all those who wish to develop specialized expertise in a particular subject area, either with a view to staying within the academic field (as a lecturer/researcher) or in order to make use of this expertise in their jobs as managers. Several of our graduates have stayed in academia and have joined a university or business school. Others have started (or gone back to) a career in business, benefiting from their academic knowledge.

The key output of the PhD program is the dissertation (“PhD thesis”). Dissertations are an important part of the overall research output in our faculty. They can be written in all subject areas covered in our faculty, such as marketing, operations management, financial accounting, or strategic management, to name just a few.

PhD Program Economics

Students who want to write their PhD in the area of banking and finance are advised to enroll into the PhD program Economics, offered by the Faculty of Economics and Statistics.


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