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Children’s Office / Family Service

The children’s office, which will be called Family Service in the future, is a service institution at the University of Innsbruck and a point of contact for all members of the university with children. The children’s office advices you on all matters concerning children and child-care, informs on legal matters and aids and provides flexible child-care offers.

Child-care facility offering flexible child-care by the hour

In the SpielRäumen facility children of students and employees at the University of Innsbruck from 6 months right up to the completion of their 10th year can be looked after by qualified experts on an hourly basis.

This child-care facility at the University of Innsbruck offers a flexible solution during the study years and is an additional offer to conventional child-care facilities, such as nurseries, kindergarten or school.

The SpielRäume are an option for all members of the university, who have principally solved their child-care issues, but need (additional) options for some hours in the week.

For questions please mail to or call at +43 512 507-35252.

Online-Babysitter Exchange

The Children’s Office offers an internal and free online babysitter exchange. This service enables parents a fast and uncomplicated means of contact with babysitters and creates the opportunity to overcome a shortage of carers also in the short-term.

Students interested in working as babysitters can contact the Children’s Office by e-mail. Everyone who is older than 18 years, who likes dealing with children, is reliable, punctual, flexible and responsible and has a completed pedagogical education or passed a babysitter course, can register as babysitter. 

More information on the SpielRäume, the Online-Babysitter-Exchange and other offers of the children’s office are available at our homepage at

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