Universitätshauptgebäude im Hintergrund Davor Schriftzug: Aufnahmeverfahren Studienjahr 2015/2015Since 2013 there have been multi-stage admission processes for first-time students for some study programmes based on legal regulations. Students and persons interested in studying, who want to be admitted to the respective study programme for the first time, have to register on the portal of LFU:online in advance.

The registration period for the respective study programmes for the academic year of 2015/2016 started on 1 March and depending on the examination date set it ended on 15 May or 15 July resp.

This applied to the following study programmes:

  • All Secondary School Teacher Accreditation Programmes
  • Bachelor’s Programme in Architecture
  • Bachelor’s Programme in Biology
  • Bachelor’s Programme in Computer Science
  • Bachelor’s Programme in Psychology
  • Bachelor’s Programme in Pharmacy
  • Bachelor’s Programme in Management and Economics
  • Diploma Programme in International Economic and Business Studies
  • Master’s Programme in Psychology

With the exception of the Secondary School Teacher Accreditation Programmes, a written admission test must be passed for all the study programmes listed above, if the number of available places is exceeded at registration.

Altogether, from 1 March to 15 July 2015, 4,480 students applied for admission to the study programmes listed above.

Due to the high number of registrations (2,529) a written admission test had to be carried out for the Biology, Computer Science, Pharmacy and Psychology study programmes. Altogether, 1,584 persons took the tests. Since the actual number of participants in the admission tests for Biology, Computer Science and Pharmacy were found to be below the maximum number of places, all participants in the test can be admitted to these study programmes at the University of Innsbruck for the academic year 2015/2016, providing they meet the general requirements according to §§ 63ff of the Universities Act 2002.

If admission does not take place in the winter semester of 2015/2016 or in the summer semester of 2016, the university place expires. This applies to all the study programmes listed above.

More information on the admission procedure can be found at:

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