Logo der Psychologischen BeratungsstelleThe Psychological Counselling Center is a service institution of the Minstry of Science and Research to support persons interested in studying. We offer confidential and free help for orientation and decision-making, as well as psychological and psychotherapeutic help for dealing with problems.

We also offer free workshops on the following topics:

  • Learning how to learn Workshop
    Learning strategies, time management, strategies against postponing, stress management
  • Exam nerves Workshop
    Help for coping with exam nerves
  • Through your studies in a relaxed way – relaxation training
    Letting go – breathing deeply – recharging, get to know different relaxation techniques
  • Get moving – Dance workshop
    Creative dance workshop for students, who want to learn more about dance and motion
  • Face your inner critic
    Training of strengths and resources
  • Viewing inside
    Theme-focused self-awareness group
  • Schluss endlich! (Eventually Finished) – current group for finishers
    Group for writing of final theses

  • The end is my start
    Self-awareness seminar on finishing one’s studies


More details and registration for the workshops and group offers at 

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