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Dear persons interested in iMooX, On, autumn displays not only all its colours but also offers many new online courses, a colourful variety of topics by different universities and educational partners.

The iMooX coach-app presents itself in a new look – this app is for all who want to have an overview of their current courses and dates and want to be informed about new courses on their mobile.

It is available for free:

You can look forward to the following courses:

  • "Elektroschutz - im Auftrag unserer Sicherheit Teil 2" (start: 13 Sep., in German) 
    This course gives an overview of the comprehensive subject area of electrical protection and shows that electrical protection is the basis for safe electricity use. Also suitable for professionals within the industry.
  • "Leichtathletik für den Sportunterricht" (start: 13 Sep, in German) 
    This Mini-MOOC is targeted at teachers who can use the videos and quizzes together with their students for teaching.
  • "Was mache ich hier eigentlich?" (4 Mini-MOOCs, in German, start of the course: 15 Sep., 15 Nov. and February 2022)
    Four Mini-MOOCs accompany students of all disciplines through their studies and gives valuable tips from the start of the studies to the Master’s Thesis.
  • "EBmooc focus: Erwachsenenbildung im Online-Raum" (in German, start: 22 Sep.) 
    This focused special course for quality online offers presents briefly and clearly all you need to know about live online work in adult education which has been present since 2020.
  • "Inklusive - Vielfalt als Chance" (in German, start: 1 Oct.) 
    The diversity of people and how to deal with this diversity in inclusive education is the topic of this MOOC. Not only scientists and experts have their say, but also people with disabilities and practitioners from inclusive institutions.
  • "Collaboration and Cocreation for Engineers" (start: 4 Oct.) 
    The main goal and topic of this bilingual course (English, German) is to understand and experience the process of value creation in a collaborative environment.
  • Excellence-MOOC "Microbiome and Health" (start: 4 Oct.) 
    This English-language MOOC covers the basics, current topics from specialist literature and the latest research results relating to the microbiome. The impact of the microbiome on the health of plants, humans and the planet is discussed.
  • "Das Internet in meinem Unterricht? Aber sicher!" (in German, 4 Oct.) 
    The Internet in everyday school life is now almost a matter of course. In this MOOC, participants get an overview of the possibilities to use the advantages of the Internet and how to stay on the safe side.
  • Bauen und Konstruieren im Kindergarten (11 Oct.) 
    This MOOC is aimed at elementary educators. Contents include methods and approaches to central construction principles as well as a description and analysis of the processes that children use to solve technical problems.
  • "Wissenschaftliches Schreiben Schritt für Schritt" (in German, start: 11 Oct.)
    This MOOC describes phases along the scientific writing process from the first idea to the completion of a text.
  • "Klimawandel-MOOC" (in German, 25 Oct.) 
    To better understand this discourse in all its facets and to be able to actively shape it, it is of great advantage to be aware of the scientific principles of climate change and to deal with them. This is the central goal of the Climate Change MOOCs.
  • "Aqua MOOC - Participatory Engagement with Water" (start: 1 Nov.) 
    In this MOOC, we build a knowledge base together with students and schoolchildren as citizen scientists by applying new and novel methods such as water literacy, participatory engagement and nature-based solutions.
  • "Digitales Leben 2" (in German, start: 10 Nov.) 
    The MOOC is a continuation of "Digital Life". In 20 learning videos, it approaches the comprehensive complexities of digitization and is based on current discourse.

There is something offered for everyone in this colourful autumn programme.
Take advantage of the grey autumn weather and continue your education at home in a relaxed atmosphere – we are looking forward to your participation!
Your iMooX-Team

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