Usi Kletterwand

New climbing facility at the University Sports Institute Innsbruck (USI)

Here is information about the new climbing facility and the annual ticket "Climbing ID"

The outdoor climbing facility at USI was expanded over the summer months with a new, completely covered boulder wall. A climbing area of 87m² with a maximum height of 4.5 meters and a maximum overhang of 2.1 meters offers new bouldering fun at the USI. Together with the existing lead climbing wall and three newly built slackline frames, a new and additional exercise offer is being created in the middle of the USI.

 Kletterhalle USI 2

Annual ticket – “Climbing ID”

The USI offers the opportunity to use the new outdoor climbing facility for climbing all year round and daily during the opening hours of the USI with the “Climbing ID” annual ticket. The “Climbing ID” can be acquired via the USI homepage   or the USI registration office  . In addition, there is the opportunity to purchase a day ticket for the outdoor climbing facility from the porter. 

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