VR Infrastructure: INNRAIN 52A

In the new building at Innrain 52a, there will be an attractive catering area in the Innrain campus in the future.

In a central location and facing River Inn, the LFUI will occupy this gastro area in the future itself with extended opening hours.

A lecture hall wing, facing the outside area to the River Inn, extends the range of the campus site.

A large, attractive green outside room stretches to the River Inn and offers plenty of space for additional bikes, outside and covered!

In the inside, a new library zone has been built with a learning zone as well as an attractive seminar floor with group work rooms for students.

A central point of contact for students is planned in the area of the Faculty Service Centre, the library, and the ZID IT services.

A museum with an exhibition space for art history could be integrated into the spatial structure. The visibility from the bus stop in front of the door connects passers-by with what is happening inside.

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