Winter Joy – Reading Joy!

In addition to the often stressful daily routine of studying, there should also be time to relax.

For “leisurely-literary” hours you will find current novels and bestsellers, biographies and thrillers at e-book tirol.  In the field of non-fiction, the offer ranges from the fields of “profession and career”, “computer and internet” to “sports and fitness” or “economy and enterprises”.

e-papers und e-magazine

We also offer a wide selection of magazines and newspapers. In addition to newspapers such as “Die Presse”, “Die ZEIT” and “DIE WELT am Sonntag”, e-magazines such as “Focus”, “GEO” and “GEO Epoche”, the “National Geographic”, “P.M. History”, “Psychologie heute”, der “Stern” as well as the “Gentleman’s Quarterly” are available free of charge.

Audiobooks and e-Audios

A wide selection of e-audio titles completes the offer – audiobooks based on works by well-known authors such as Agatha Christie, Sebastian Fitzek, Charlotte Link, Jo Nesbø or Fred Vargas provide for acoustic enjoyment at the beginning of the year.

Since the beginning of the “onleihe” in 2014, the stock has grown to 12,205 e-books, 990 audiobooks and more than 50 magazines and newspapers.

The e-books can be read via e-book readers, smartphones, tablets and on the PC. Newspapers and magazines are mainly suitable for smartphones and tablets.

You can login with your library ID, the password is your date of birth: yyyymmdd.


Enjoy reading!

Yours, the ULB Tirol


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