Online-Bewerbung für Masterstudien

Online application of Master’s programmes

From now on students of the University of Innsbruck have to apply for Master’s programmes online.

To do so, one simply clicks the button provided for that purpose after having selected the resp. study programme on the study’s profile page. In the menu then displayed you are requested to add or upload any data which might be missing.

This way the University Admission Department can decide at short notice not only on consecutive Master’s programmes based on pertinent Bachelor’s programmes of the University of Innsbruck, but also on Master’s programmes for which students must fulfil quality criteria for admission. Applications for Master’s programmes, which require the examination of the equality of previous achievements are initially examined by the Associate Dean of Studies or the Dean of Studies. After completion of the process, the University Admission Department informs applicants by e-mail of the hopefully positive decision on the admission to the study programme.

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