Research Center


The department is part of the Research Center Strategic Leadership, Innovation and Branding and is dedicated to research within the conceptual triangle of innovation, strategy, and branding practices.


 The Innovation Perspective

Our research on innovation capability deals with product, process, market and resource innovation in businesses and public institutions. We examine how the knowledge and skills required for innovation can be attained, distributed and applied within and beyond the organization. One central issue thereby is which basic conditions are especially conducive to maximizing innovation capability. We investigate how innovations can originate from knowledge, skills and resources available within the organization itself or from customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.


  The Branding Perspective

This field of research deals with brand development processes and how they can be influenced. We examine how brand meanings develop within social interactions, how they become subject to experience through brand manifestations (the organization, its products and services, as well as people, symbols and activities), and finally how people interested in a brand participate in brand related interactions. In particular, we focus on the question of how lasting emotional relationships between organizations and important stockholders develop and how these relationships may strengthen or weaken the brand position. From this, implications for branding actions should emerge.


 The Strategic Management Perspective

The increasing dynamics of markets linked with changes more difficult to foresee require new procedures and ways of thinking from people working in business organizations as well as public institutions. Innovative entrepreneurship as well the development of a unique system of emotional relations with the most important stakeholders can become a major base for competitive advantages. Strategic leadership refers to the creation and maintenance of social, economic and technical conditions within an organization. Within this field of research we examine the influence of strategic leadership on the innovation capability of organizations and on their capability of building lasting emotional relationships with and among stakeholders.

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