The internships can be completed either at the university of Innsbruck or at a company. The internships are funded by the FFG and are scheduled for four weeks. The minimum number of hours is 28.5 hours per week.

The current internships can be found on the FFG website.
There you will also find the descriptions and application deadlines of the respective internships.
We, the team of the Sommertechnikum MINT, are happy to support you in your search for a suitable internship and inform you about the offers, e.g. from the University of Innsbruck!

Internship Reports

We congratulate our Sommertechnikum MINT intern Anna Lea Blümel for her internship report award (Sommertechnikum MINT 2018)

More reports from former MINT students and FFG interns at the University of Innsbruck:

FFG intern Isabell Astner  -  Sommertechnikum MINT 2019

FFG intern Laura Dür  -  Sommertechnikum MINT 2020

FFG intern Julia Richter  -  Sommertechnikum MINT 2020

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