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Team – Lead partner (University of Innsbruck)

Principal investigator

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Mario KLARER

Humanities buidling, 3rd floor, room 40317
Phone: +43 512 507-4172
Email: Mario.Klarer@uibk.ac.at

Research projects:

Project assistants

Name   Phone   Email   Room
ALISADE, Hubert, Mag. +43 512 507-41616 Hubert.Alisade@uibk.ac.at 40824
RANGGER, Bernadette, Mag.
Bernadette.Rangger@uibk.ac.at 40822
TRATTER, Aaron +43 512 507-41615 Aaron.Tratter@uibk.ac.at 40822
WILHELM, Almyria, BA +43 512 507-41613 Almyria.Wilhelm@uibk.ac.at 40824

Team – Project partner (Free University of Bozen-Bolzano)

Project leader

Prof. Diego CALVANESE, PhD

Email: calvanese@inf.unibz.it

Project assistants

Name   Email
MOSCA, Alessandro alessandro.mosca@unibz.it
NDEFO, Nonyelum Ogechukwu Stephanie nonyelumogechukwustephanie.ndefo@unibz.it
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