The project CLAIMES is funded under the Earth System Sciences (ESS) research programme. This programme is an initiative of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (OeAW) financed by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF).
The ESS programme seeks to research the Earth as a system, presently against the background of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To complement its existing funding profile, this programme supports inter-and transdisciplinary projects on topics on which very little research currently exists and which represent pioneering areas of research. Consideration is given to high - risk - high - potential projects. Important goals of recruitment in 2018 are increasing the initiative’s profile and transdisciplinary project work, e.g. via cooperation between two or several project leaders (PIs ) from different fields of expertise. Since the UN has announced the International Decade (2018–2028) for Action – Water for Sustainable Development, the focus is on the topic of “Water in Mountain Regions” as an interdisciplinary subject. Research projects are therefore embedded within the interdisciplinary context of mountain regions.


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