Events and meetings

Projectmeetings and Workshops:
  • Project Kick-Off meeting, 4 March 2019, Innsbruck
  • 1st project meeting, 12 Nov 2019, Innsbruck
  • 2nd project meeting (online), 19 March 2020
  • ESS-Project Workshop, 21 October 2020
Workshops at conferences:
  • Internat. Mountain Conference (11 Sep 2019), Workshop: Workshop 2.3.C: Lakes in Mountain regions as integrative landscape elements: ecosystem services and threats

  • SIL Austria Conference (29 Oct 2019), „Which indicators can be used for the representation of ecosystem services in lakes? From methodological aspects to ecological basis concepts"

Online questionnaire on cultural ecosystem services from alpine lakes in German, Italian and English
(from Uta Schirpke)
Jun 2020,

Links to questionnaire:



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