Drug Delivery and Powder Technology

It is the objective of the research group focusing on drug delivery and powder technology to develop highly efficient drug delivery systems for the non-invasive administration of poorly absorbed drugs. This includes the development of oral, nasal, buccal, ocular and vaginal dosage forms for the following types of therapeutic agents: 

  • therapeutic peptides, therapeutic proteins and peptidomimetics
  • oligo- and polysaccharide drugs
  • drugs being substrates of efflux pumps
  • therapeutic nucleic acids

 Priority is thereby set on the development of novel comparatively more potent auxiliary agents displaying:

  • enzyme inhibitory,
  • permeation enhancing,
  • mucoadhesive and
  • efflux pump inhibitory properties.

Among such novel auxiliary agents thiolated polymers – designated thiomers – and polymer – enzyme inhibitor conjugates seem to be most promising. In addition the research group is focusing on the development of micro- and nanoparticulate delivery systems.

Mission statement

It is our goal to do research in as many fields of Pharmaceutical Technology as feasible in order to cover the whole subject also from the scientific point of view. By covering most aspects of Pharmaceutical Technology, it is also our goal to focus on certain thematic issues. Within these thematic issues including:

  • peptide drug delivery
  • mucoadhesive polymers
  • multifunctional polymers
  • polymorphism of drug compounds (water in pharmaceutical solids, moisture/drug interactions and thermal analysis of pharmaceutical solids)

Brief History



First regular exercises about prescriptions and galenics within the institute of organic and pharmaceutical chemistry.



Introduction of “Arzneiformenlehre” as a diploma examination subject.



Establishment of the department of “Arzneiformenlehre” under the management of H. Egermann. Main focus of research: Theoretical fundamentals for the metering accuracy of single proportioned solid drug forms and mixing quality of pharmaceutical powders. 



Separation of the department of “Arzneiformenlehre” from the institute of organic and pharmaceutical chemistry and establishment of the institute of pharmaceutical technology under the management of H. Egermann.



Introduction of the UOG 1993 at the University of Innsbruck and joining of the four pharmaceutical institutes to a large institute for pharmacy. 



Reestablishment of a department of pharmaceutical technology under the management of W. Schlocker. Main points of research: Production and characterization of highly disperse active and auxiliary material powders. Use of powder rheometers. 



Appointment of A. Bernkop-Schnürch to the new head and chairman of the department with the main research fields peptide drug delivery, mucoadhesive polymers, multifunctional polymers and thiomers.

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