The Bernkop Group.

Founded in 2003 The Bernkop Group is a large, multidisciplinary and vibrant research group, made up of a diverse cast of pharmacists, chemists, materials scientists, biologist and physicists.

Led by Professor Andreas Bernkop-Schnürch, our vision is to revolutionise drug delivery systems and biomaterials for healthcare use.

Our high-impact research is published in over 500 peer-reviewed papers, is regularly featured in the press and is interfacing with the clinic.

It is the objective of the Bernkop Group to develop highly efficient drug delivery systems for the non-invasive administration of poorly absorbed drugs. This includes the development of oral, nasal, buccal, ocular and vaginal dosage forms for the following types of therapeutic agents: 

  • therapeutic peptides, therapeutic proteins and peptidomimetics
  • oligo- and polysaccharide drugs
  • DNA- and RNA-based drugs

For the development of such delivery systems novel advanced materials are designed and tested. Among them thiolated polymers – designated thiomers – are in focus of research. Furthermore, the Bernkop Group has pioneered charge converting nanocarriers for mucosal drug delivery.

The Bernkop Groups collaborates with over 100 pharmaceutical companies worldwide and is responsible for the formulation development of numerous pharmaceutical products.

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