Content: This page contains a Java applet about sequences and instruction for its use.

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  Entering a Function

The input of functions is similar to most computer algebra systems (such as Maple or Mathematica). It should be noted that our parser accepts expressions without an explicit multiplication sign, i.e. 3sin(x)cos(x) is a correct input.

Supported operators

+ addition  != not equal  > greater than
- subtraction  == equal to  < less than
* multiplication  >= greater than or equal to  ^ exponentiation
/ division  <= less than or equal to  - minus (sign)
! factoral

Supported functions

with a single argument

exp exponential function asin arcsine round rounding
log natural logarithm (base e) acos arccos floor floor function
sin sine atan arctan ceil ceiling function
cos cosine sqrt square root factorial factorial
tan tangent abs absolute value sign sign

with two arguments

max maximum min minimum atan2 phase

  Information on the parser

The parser used by the applets is based on a parser written by Darius Bacon. We complemented the parser with a number of features (e.g. multiplication without an explicit multiplication sign).

Financially supported by

University of Innsbruck: New Media and Learning Technologies
Austrian Minister of Science and Research bm:bwk

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